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Disability Support Services
Table of Contents
         Faculty/Staff Guide: Credits

This document was initially produced in print in 1998 by Montgomery College Disability Support Services (DSS) through Project JOBTRAC, a federally funded three-year grant to increase faculty and staff awareness about the needs of students with disabilities. Montgomery College collaborated with TransCen, Inc., a local community organization with proven expertise in employment innovations for people with disabilities, as well as disability awareness and accommodation training. Project JOBTRAC was funded from 1995 to 1998 through a grant from the Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, #H078C40046-95.

Since its original publication, the text has been modified for internet use and is enhanced with new ideas as the inspiration arises.

Selected Resources Used in the Preparation of this Guide:

  • Accommodations or Just Good Teaching? - Strategies for Teaching College Students with Disabilities. (1997). Edited by: Hodge, Bonnie and Jennie Preston-Sabin. Praeger Publishers, CT.
  • Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). Faculty Inservice Education Kit.
  • AHEAD Special Interest Group Chairs. (1997). Disability 101 - A Presentation at the AHEAD ’97 Annual National Conference. Boston, MA.
  • Burton, Lois and Garrett, Bonnie (1995). Instructional Tips for Teaching Students With Disabilities: A Reference Guide for Faculty. Anne Arundel Community College.
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  • Communicating with a Student who is Deaf. Seattle Community College. Regional Education Center for Deaf Students.
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  • Thompson, Ann and Bethea, Leslie. (1996). A Desk Reference Guide for Faculty Staff and College Students with Disabilities. Mississippi State University - Project PAACS.
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  • Williams, Sue S. (1995). Faculty Handbook. Georgia Southern University.

For additional information about the Guide, please contact:

Disability Support Services, Montgomery College, 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850
240-567-5058 (V), 240-567-5097 (FAX), 301-294-9672 (TTY),

Developed by:

Janet Merrick, Project JOBTRAC Director/DSS Counselor

With the assistance of:

Janice Johnson, Project JOBTRAC Manager
Maggie Leedy, Project JOBTRAC Human Resources Specialist from TransCen, Inc.
Rose Sachs, DSS Prescriptive Learning Specialist/Counselor

With grateful thanks to the many other College faculty and staff who gave input and editing assistance.

Please note - the Guide is now only available as presented here on the web. Too many revisions have been made to make it available in print. If any portion is inaccessible to those using assistive technology, please contact Janet Merrick so proper revisions can be made.

Permission is given to other colleges and universities who wish to modify it for their own use, giving credit to Montgomery College Disability Support Services and the Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services as the funding source. "Selected Resources Used in Preparation of this Guide" should also be included to give credit to the many other sources consulted and used to prepare this document.

For further information, questions, and ideas please contact Janet Merrick at


Content Manager: Janet Merrick,, 240-567-5061